Beer Box Fire Basket - priced from:


BEER BOX, is a fire basket  made of solid corten steel in its simplest form, however amazingly versatile. With optional accessories, the crate turns into a grill or stool and its stackability enables it to become a fire basket and grill, perfect for storage and portability.

With an integrated bottle opener - cheers, we wish you long and fun evenings with a beer, a fire and your friends beverage crate, fire basket, grill and stool in one

  • integrated bottle opener
  • corten steel – developing a living, unique rust patina
  • carton grid provides a secure hold for drinks and is at the same time kindling

Optional accessories: BEER BOX Board, BEER BOX Grid

Decorative items e.g. beer and wood, are not included. 

Product Dimensions: 38x28x28 cm
Product Weight: 7.00 kg