Widely recognized for their vibrant and stylish designs, with a strong commitment to quality craftsmanship. Offering an extensive range of durable and weather-resistant outdoor furniture, from sleek modern pieces to classic and timeless designs, Fermob has a passion for innovation and creativity.


Whether it's for a cosy balcony or a spacious garden Fermob is the go-to choice for those seeking exceptional outdoor furnishings that enhance and transform their outdoor living experience.

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  • Acapulco Blue - Hoop String Lights - With Bluetooth. A Lit set of Acapulco Blue Hoop Lights.

    Hoop String Lights L1200

    The Fermob Hoop String Lights L1200 are a set of decorative outdoor string lights designed to add a warm and inviting ambiance to any outdoor space. The string lights are composed of a series of...
  • Poppy - Adada Rocking Horse by Fermob. Chili - Rocking Horse by Christmas tree indoors.

    Adada Rocking Horse

    Parents will appreciate the rocking horse's design, and kids will love jumping on board. This unique quadruped meets safety standards with its light aluminium frame and floor-friendly pads. Made...
  • Alto tray 53x38.5 cm by Fermob. Alto tray 53x38.5 cm place on Bistro table with Bistro Chairs.

    Alto Tray 53x38.5 cm

    The Alto Tray 53 x 38.5 cm is a rectangular tray that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The tray is made of steel that is both durable and UV-resistant, making it suitable for use in a...
  • Cactus - Aplo Lamp with suspension strap by Fermob. Black Cherry - Aplo lamps with suspension straps hanging from tree.

    Aplo - Suspension Strap

    Includes Lamp & Suspension Strap The outdoor Aplo lamp offers additional versatility with optional accessories, such as the hanging strap, allowing it to become a hanging light effortlessly. The...
  • Anthracite - Aplo Lamp & wall support by Fermob. Acapulco Blue Aplo Wall Support & Lamp.

    Aplo - Wall Support

    Includes Lamp & Wall Support The Aplo H.24 lamp, like other Fermob portable lighting products, is mobile and comes with versatile accessories. It serves as a floor or table lamp, or even a torch...
  • Cactus - Aplo Lamp H24 by Fermob. Cactus - Aplo Lamp & Petale table with Studie chair.

    Aplo Lamp

    The Aplo H.24 lamp is no ordinary wireless, battery-operated lamp; it's a fully-fledged lighting concept. Packed with creative qualities, this portable lamp, with its bulb-style design, is not only...
  • Anthracite - Aplo Upright Stand by Fermob. Cactus - Aplo Upright Stand with Aplo lamp.

    Aplo Upright Stand

    The versatile Aplô wireless lamp collection by designer Tristan Lohner offers a unique concept. Inspired by the fun world of comic books, it provides clever, easy-to-use wireless lighting solutions...
  • Fermob Balad Lamp H12 - Acapulco Blue. Fermob Balad Lamp 12cm tall adorning tray and counter.

    Balad Lamp - H12cm

    Set of 3. The mini Balad outdoor lamps by Fermob is a stylish, functional and practical garden light. The light is a wireless rechargeable LED, 2 colour temperatures, bright white and warm white,...
  • Balad Lamp H25cm - Acapulco Blue. Balad Lamp H25cm by Fermob - Cactus colour.

    Balad Lamp - H25cm

    Fermob's Balad outdoor lamp is a stylish, functional, and practical garden light. The LED light is wireless and rechargeable , with 3 levels of brightness from soft to bright and flicker, will give...
  • Cactus colour Balad Lamp H38cm. Balad Lamp H38cm Red Ochre.

    Balad Lamp - H38cm

    Fermob's Balad outdoor lamp is a stylish, functional and practical garden light. The LED light is wireless and rechargable, with 3 levels of brightness from soft to bright and flicker. Between 7 to...
  • Balad Offset Stand - Acapulco Blue. Balad Offset Stand & cushions.

    Balad Offset Stand

    To meet all the needs of the family and the house, Tristan Lohner, the designer of the Balad collection, has completed the range with a selection of colourful metal stands. The offset stand (190 cm...
  • Honey - Balad Offset Stand. Balad Stand & Lamp Set

    Balad Stand & Lamp Set

    The Fermob Balad Offset Stand and Lamp Set, a stylish and functional outdoor lighting solution that combines versatility with modern design. The set includes an innovative offset stand and a...
  • The Balad Upright stand in Cactus colour. Honey - Balad Upright Stands.

    Balad Upright Stand

    The Fermob Balad Upright Stand is possible to colour match with the lamp and combines a clever, practical new way to extend those long summer evenings in the garden or on the terrace – an upright...
  • Gingerbread - Basket Long Planter by Fermob. Cedar Green - Basket Long Planter with scatter cushions inside by pool.

    Basket Long Planter

    Revitalize your balcony or terrace with the Basket long planter by designer Fabio Meliota. Its contemporary design, sleek lines, and durable construction make it perfect for any outdoor space. The...
  • Cactus frame, Flannel Grey cushion - Bellevie 1-Seater left module by Fermob. Black Cherry - Bellevie 1-Seater right module by Fermob connect to other modular Bellevie sofas.

    Bellevie 1-Seater - Left / Right Module

    The Fermob Bellevie 1-Seater Left / Right Module is a stylish and versatile piece of outdoor furniture designed to be used as part of a modular seating system. It is made by the French outdoor...
  • Black Cherry frame, Flannel Grey cushion - Bellevie 1-Seater Central Module by Fermob.

    Bellevie 1-Seater Central Module

    The Bellevie 1-Seater Central Module is a piece of outdoor furniture designed to be used as part of a modular seating system. It is made by the French company Fermob, which is known for creating...