Ethical and sustainable, offering a unique collection of beautifully handcrafted home decor and accessories. With a strong commitment to fair trade and eco-friendly practices, Nkuku brings together artisanal craftsmanship from around the world to create extraordinary products with a story.


Discover their range of ethically sourced home accents and be inspired by the global heritage and authentic charm infused into every Nkuku creation. Transform your living spaces with these thoughtfully curated pieces that bring warmth, character, and sustainability to your home.


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  • Medium Nkuku Dera Etched Glass Tealight. Small, Medium & Large Nkuku Dera Ridged Glass Tealights.

    Dera Etched Glass Tealight

    The antique gold hue of our Dera tealights perfectly diffuses the warm glow from a candle, creating a cosy and inviting ambience. They’re crafted from recycled glass, which is washed to remove any...
  • Nkuku - Bouka Baubles - Indigo

    Bouka Baubles Set of 4 - Indigo

    We use recycled glass to make these collections. Firstly, the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities; it ís then crushed and melted down before being hand blown or placed in...
  • Nkuku Naryla Lantern - Large & Small. Nkuku Naryla Lantern - Large & Small.

    Naryla Lantern

    Our stylish Naryla lanterns have a glass bulb shape that sits perfectly in a solid mango wood base. The elegant contrast of natural wood and recycled glass work beautifully together, creating a...
  • Clear - Adhit Glass Jug by Nkuku. Adhit Glass Jug on table.

    Adhit Glass Jug

    The Adhit chequered glass jug has an interesting chequered design. It is made up of individual squares, handblown into a mould. Recycled glass has been used to create this jug with an appealing...
  • Adhit Glass Tumblers by Nkuku. Set of 4 Adhit Glass Tumblers on tabletop.

    Adhit Glass Tumbler - Set of 4

    The Adhit glass tumbler has a chequered pattern. The squares have a raised profile that brings a tactile texture to the glass. This is a generously proportioned tumbler that feels large to hold. Each...
  • Large - Ajuru Platter. Ajuru Platter - Small and Large by Nkuku,

    Ajuru Platter

    This wooden serving platter is hand carved from a single piece of mango wood using traditional tools. Nkuku's talented artisans work with the grain to create practical serveware that has a remarkable...
  • Short - Ama Splatter Mug by Nkuku. Short - Ama Splatter Mug on counter.

    Ama Splatter Mug - Set of 2

    These artisan made Ama coffee mugs are decorated with a black splatter effect. This eye-catching design is created by hand. These stylish mugs have a smooth glaze finish and tactile quality. These...
  • Medium - Atsu Brass Planter by Nkuku. Atsu Brass Planter in Small, Medium and large.

    Atsu Brass Planter

    This stylish Atsu brass planter has a smooth finish and curved shape, with the golden brass hues adding to its sophisticated look. To create a eye-catching display style in trios with a mix of sizes...
  • Nkuku - Bouka Baubles - Burnt Amber

    Bouka Baubles Set of 4 - Burnt Amber

    We use recycled glass to make these collections. Firstly, the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities; it ís then crushed and melted down before being hand blown or placed in...
  • Bunaken Reclaimed Traditional Bowl by Nkuku. Bunaken Reclaimed Traditional Bowl on sideboard.

    Bunaken Reclaimed Traditional Bowl

    The Bunaken reclaimed wood bowl first started out life in India as a bowl used for kneading dough. The chunky wooden design has a sturdy rustic quality that is enrichened with the dark brown tone of...
  • Chakala Wooden Coffee Table by Nkuku. Chakala Wooden Coffee Table by Nkuku.

    Chakala Wooden Coffee Table

    The Chakala coffee tables are made from reclaimed wooden herb grinders, once a traditional feature of Indian everyday life. The chunky wood tabletop is rich with character and interest. The simple...
  • Nkuku Datia Berry colour Mug - Size: Small. Nkuku Datia Mug - Small.

    Datia Mug - Berry - Small

    A warm, berry red glaze gives these small, tactile, ceramic mugs an eye-catching finish, perfect that morning cup of coffee.
  • Dilipa Terracotta Multi Planter by Nkuku. Dilipa Terracotta Multi Planter.

    Dilipa Terracotta Multi Planter

    This Dilipa six-pot planter makes for a pretty addition to a kitchen counter. Ideal as a gift for foodies and gardeners alike, it creates the perfect space for a micro herbarium. Fill with basil,...
  • Antique Brass - Dimali Candle Holder by Nkuku. Antique Brass - Dimali Candle Holder with lit candle.

    Dimali Candle Holder

    The Dimali is a traditional style candle holder that have been updated with a classic touch of Nkuku style. Simple and timeless, with a clean aesthetic the hammered finish creates a relaxed aesthetic...
  • Nkuku Ekuri Basket - Natural - Large. Nkuku Ekuri Basket in multiple sizes - Natural colour.

    Ekuri Basket - Natural

    Travels through Vietnam and Cambodia brought Nkuku's attention to these traditional sea grass baskets. Still in regular use today their age-old charm yet modern day usefulness means these simple yet...
  • Small - Endo Reclaimed Iron Planter by Nkuku. Small and Large Endo Reclaimed Iron Planters.

    Endo Reclaimed Iron Planter

    The striking Endo reclaimed iron pots are made from recycled iron, gathered from old storage drums. The character of the reclaimed materials add detail and texture to these stand out planters...