Moments 3 seater sofa


Moments 3-seater sofa sets new standards for multi flexible design with its elegant minimalistic Scandinavian design.

It is produced with Cane-line Soft Rope and Soft-touch QuickDry cushions.

The Cane-line QuickDry system is a special technique for your comfort - and approx one hour after a shower, the cushions are dry again.


Width: 226 cm 

Depth: 89 cm 

Height: 80 cm 

Seat height: 43 cm 

Seat depth: 85 cm 

Armrest height: 72 cm 

Weight: 59.17 kg 



To best protect your funiture - protect it via Cane-line covers (bought separately) during prolongued periods of bad weather, throughout the winter and cushions stored away.