On-The-Move Table Set

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The On-The-Move tables come in three sizes which we have put together as a collection.

The idea behind the design of the tables was to create a multifunctional side table with a loose tray, that can be easily lifted off and used to carry drinks from the kitchen to the terrace.

Combined with an easy to grab handle means that the On-the-move table can be moved indoors after use. It is made in 100% aluminium means it can be used outdoors all year round.

However, to minimize cleaning and keep the overall look of the product for many years, we recommend storing it indoors during the winter time.

More Info

Dimensions - Large:
Height: 60 cm | Diameter: 52 cm | Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions - Small:
Height: 54 cm | Diameter: 44 cm | Weight: 2.91 kg
Dimensions - Mini:
Height: 47 cm | Diameter: 37 cm | Weight: 2.19 kg

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