Specializing in premium-quality lighting solutions that illuminate spaces with elegance and sophistication. With a focus on creating atmospheric ambiances, Sirius offers a diverse range of exquisite indoor and outdoor lighting options. From enchanting fairy lights and stunning chandeliers to modern pendant lamps and innovative LED candles, each Sirius product combines impeccable design, superior craftsmanship, and energy-efficient technology.


Discover the perfect lighting solutions to enhance your home, garden, or business. With Sirius, immerse yourself in a world of captivating illumination.


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  • Sirius Albert Table Lantern. Sirius Albert Table Lantern.

    Albert Table Lantern

    Create outdoor cosiness with Albert Table Lantern from Sirius. The metal lantern is 20 cm high. The Sirius lantern is painted in black and includes a Storm Mini LED candle. The bulb gives a warm...
  • Sirius Ivy Glass Candles in both sizes. The Large Sirius Ivy Glass Candles.

    Ivy Glass Candles

    The Ivy real wax candle comes in a grey smoked glass holder.  The bulb is shaped and moves to mimic a real flame. Modern, timeless and highly functional design giving a warm and natural light...
  • Sirius - Knirke 160L String Lights Knirke 160L String Lights - Silver on bookcase.

    Knirke 160L

    A festive string of LED lights emitting a soft warm glow, the lights come on a silver wire making them perfect to manipulate for indoor decoration. Wire length (with lights) 16m Cord length from...
  • Sirius Aston Solar Jar Sirius Aston Solar Jar

    Aston Solar Jar

    Unique and functional lantern with soft round shapes. The lantern is designed in clear glass with grooves, a wooden lid with a black leather handle. Let the lantern decorate the terrace or take it to...
  • Sirius Knirke rope lights Sirius Knirke rope lights

    Knirke Rope Lights

    Knirke Rope is inspired by the beachy landscape, using natural materials and LED lights, setting a rustic Nordic mood.  4.9 meters long with 50 led lights gives a bright and natural light. Comes in a...
  • Sirius Knirke Solar Parasol Sirius Knirke Solar Parasol

    Knirke Solar Parasol

    Light up your indoor or outdoor living space with this easy-to-shape string of miniature LED fairy lights. Charge for 8 hours to be fully charged. Lights up for 6 hours once fully charged.
  • Sirius - Lone Battery Lights in a set of 4 Set of 4 - Lone Battery Lights by Sirius.

    Lone Battery Light (Set of 4)

    Lone - lifelike battery Sirius LED tea lights with a softly flickering flame. Giftbox with four lights. Can be used with remote control. The black container pictured is not included.
  • Millie Garland Lights - Clear. Millie Garland Lights - Grey.

    Millie Garland

    The Millie Garland has 8 lights made from hand blown glass, providing a unique and beautiful ambient light source. Placed on your Christmas tree they will be a talking point and a focal point to the...
  • Sirius remote control

    Sirius remote control

    The Sirius remote control allows you to choose a 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours function, or set to stay on. If you set the remote control for 2 hours, the lights switch off automatically after 2 hours and turn...
  • Sirius Albert Lantern 23cm Sirius Albert Lantern 23cm

    Albert Lantern

    Light up your garden with Albert lantern from Sirius. The glass lantern has a mounted chain, inclusive with a battery operated tealight and beautifully boxed. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  
  • Sirius - Isaac Tree - 210cm. Isaac Tree - 210cm

    Isaac Tree - 210cm

    348 LED lights spread out among the branches Plug into mains. Product is: 7,2W/24V Includes outdoor transformer Suitable for outdoor use